Agency Profile: Brightminds Communications (Indonesia)

Agency Profile: Brightminds Communications (Indonesia)

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What services does Brightminds offer?
Brightminds Communications is a communication advisory firm that carries out transformational communication to bring about changes for the better in Indonesia. We work fluidly across industries, utilising our experience and expertise to build smartly crafted integrated communications campaigns for corporations in a mission. We offer a full suite of strategic communication advisory services spanning corporate communication, financial communication, stakeholder perception audit, crisis management, government relations, intelligence gathering, and communication training.

What size is the agency?
Brightminds has a growing team of professionals, each member acts as a trusted advisor who liaises with the client on day-to-day account deliverables. Due to our capability of differentiating our offerings, we have gained trust to work with both national and international established brands as well as growing startups for extended periods.

Where is Brightminds located?
Our office is located in Sudirman Central Business District, right in the very heart of the bustling capital city Jakarta, Indonesia.

Do you have a particular area of focus?
We work with leading names in various industries that are making a real difference to people’s lifestyle and have become the consultant to governmental institutions and private businesses whose activities impact the future of Indonesia.

Who is the founder and why did they start Brightminds?
Brightminds was founded by Dody Rochadi, who has extensive experience in the communication field, especially in crisis and issue management, in December 2021. His 20 years of experience and network in public affairs and government relations solidified the goal to create an “un-agency” agency, a close-knit team that is collaborative, respectful, and resourceful.

Tell us about the leadership team.
We promote equality at work in which all team members share the same job title as a consultant, opportunities and responsibilities as each of them is capable of delivering in a hands-on setting, taking ownership of the campaign from ideation to execution.

The most senior members of our team will lead each account, starting from pitching, proposal-making, to day-to-day implementation to ensure high-quality deliverables. We value and endorse empathy in the way we interact not only with our peers but also with our clients. These company culture traits make Brightminds stand out from the rest in a way we carry our values to the clients and in interaction with our colleagues.

What is next for Brightminds? What is the five-year goal?
Brightminds is determined to grow with the clients, especially of those who have stayed with us since 2018 when we were under a different company name. In five years, we hope we will expand our reach, growing in numbers of both clients and team members. We will emphasise the presence of senior leadership across all touchpoints as a promise we will deliver to our clients in the future.

In a sentence, describe your ideal relationship with a journalist.
Mass media journalists are our partners, sharing mutual interests to effect change for the better through transformational communication.

Tell us about a campaign you are currently working on or are particularly proud of.
We created bespoke strategic communication for Netflix Indonesia to acquire an operational licence and for the company’s global team to collaborate with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, Technology providing workshops for aspiring filmmakers and developing film community.

In our second year during the pandemic, we helped the Ministry of Health communicate to the public about COVID 19-related health services, the latest of which was on vaccination programmes for children under 18 years old. We also took pride in the successful campaign of Indonesia’s first “buy now, pay later” short-term financing offered by Traveloka, and in our communication services on MPL Esport playoffs in 2021 that brought in at least 40,000 Speed Chess players and over 200 media publications.

Any key PR trends your agency is keeping an eye on?
We saw how the pandemic accelerated the growth of tech companies. In dealing with the world of endless transformation, we take the challenge to get behind the latest technologies in every industry and to gain knowledge on how communication can help the business. We need to stay agile and at the same time improve our service quality.

What skill sets do you look for in new hires?
We look for a team player passionate to contribute ideas and solutions that will differentiate our offering in the market and address clients’ various communications needs. Instead of a conventional recruitment process, our leader prefers to scout potential team members valuable for Brightminds’ growth.

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