Agency Profile: LivingWord Communications (Singapore)

Agency Profile: LivingWord Communications (Singapore)

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What services does LivingWord Communications offer?
We are a public relations and communications agency, working with corporates and brands predominantly in B2B sectors with an interest in companies that work in the sustainability and ESG space. Our experience spans various industry verticals: Technology, FinTech, greentech, adtech; real estate; education; maritime; sustainability and human capital advisory, private equity / venture capital, advertising / media; and non-profit organisations. 

Where in Singapore is LivingWord Communications located?
We have an office at The Hive Lavender at the Vanguard Campus on Kallang Junction. The team loves the spaciousness and views over the green canopy below. This has been our home for the past five years.

Tell us about the agency's origins and its leadership team. 
LivingWord Communications started its journey in 2017 with Jocelyn Ng-Foo, an experienced communications consultant who began her career as a conference producer and grew to take on roles at local and international agencies. As a reluctant entrepreneur and working mother, Jocelyn was inspired to start a purpose-led business for good that valued an inclusive and nurturing culture and prioritised the growth of its people to make an impact on clients and the community.

What is next for LivingWord Communications? What is the five-year goal?
We turned five in November 2022. Looking back, we’re grateful to have emerged intact from the pandemic to work with a diverse group of talented people who chose to grow their careers with us and clients who trust us with their brand reputation. We’re also thankful to our partners and friends who’ve worked with us in community outreach efforts at our twice-yearly LWC Community Day.

Our short or long-term goals remain the same - to invest in our people to deliver quality work to clients and make a positive contribution to the community. Our vision is to create a sustainable business built on a foundation of enduring faith, hope for a better tomorrow and love for one another - values that attract a like-minded yet diverse team.

What is your ideal relationship with a journalist?
Journalists are facing increasing pressure to produce news and may be called to double up as content creators, data visualisers, broadcasters podcast hosts and producers. As such, cultivating a strong relationship with a journalist is hard-earned, and we strive to be trusted to support their work.

Tell us about a campaign you are particularly proud of.
We’ve worked with clients across various industry sectors, particularly in the B2B and sustainability space. Some of the campaigns that we’re proud to have been part of include Moove Media’s Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix Out of Home campaign, the launch of luxury condominiums Midtown Modern and Lentor Modern, and the announcement of the formation of the Coastal Sustainability Alliance, which comprises private and public sector members in the maritime industry coming together to decarbonise and electrify Singapore’s coastal vessels.

Any key PR trends your agency is keeping an eye on?
The sustainability agenda will continue to prevail as the ESG wave shapes the transformation of more industry verticals. Communications and PR will be critical in supporting this movement by distilling complex subjects and surfacing pertinent issues.

Furthermore, the infinite diversity of interests, media outlets and agendas are vying for the finite attention of our audiences. As a result, storytelling will take on a different track - it must have more heart and purpose than mere mouthpieces. This means more scrutiny on the authenticity of news and genuineness of spokespersons and for “do good” pieces to trump the “feel good” ones.

What skill sets do you look for in new hires?
With the growing number of platforms, technology, and fast-changing media landscape, today’s public relations and communications consultants need to be adept at picking up new skills and be hungry to learn. However, skills come second to attitude and value alignment. Candidates who are attracted to our purpose-driven business and resonate with the same values will see themselves gel with our team-centric culture where every person counts.

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