Are you looking for FinTech news sources?

Are you looking for FinTech news sources?

In less than a month, the Hong Kong FinTech Week 2021 will be held in the financial hub, bringing together officials, corporates, investors and experts from the region. Are you working on your FinTech stories, seeking commentary from experts, or looking for press materials? Do you need help with your stories ahead of the trade conference related to technology, banking, business, or startups?

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Meanwhile, Telum Media has caught up with several journalists in the city to find out the FinTech topics they are interested in and their take on what’s next for the industry. (In alphabetical order) 

Hannah Wong, Reporter, Ming Pao
I believe virtual banks will continue to gain a foothold and its competition with traditional banks will become more fierce. On the other hand, however, there will be growing concerns over the security of virtual transactions and privacy issues brought about by financial technologies.

Ivan Cheng, Reporter, Hong Kong Economic Journal Monthly
There are not many applications in the market, and I feel we are lagging behind other cities. The government and relevant parties should provide the industry with more incentives and support. 

Katrina Hamlin, Global Production Editor / Columnist, Reuters Breakingviews (Hong Kong)
The line between “FinTech” and “finance” is increasingly hard to discern, which means harsher regulation. I personally am very interested in digital payments and their application in the gambling industry, as I cover casinos. Other topics of interest to my team here at Breakingviews might include: Fund-raising activities by growing FinTech firms, the impact of the current tech crackdown, competition between FinTech and conventional finance firms.

Mervyn Kwan, Journalist, Blockchain.News
Blockchain.News covers anything that relates to the development and application of Blockchain in Hong Kong. For example, Blockchain Solution Ltd. reported recently how blockchain technology assisted in analysing and tracking the supply chain of the COVID-19 vaccine. Other must-do items include the development of central bank digital currencies, such as e-CNY and e-HKD. On the other hand, University of California, Berkeley has organised a series of decentralised finance-related courses that are accessible to the general public. It would be interesting to see if academic institutions in Hong Kong will follow suit and provide similar courses to the public.

Roger Wong, Chief Assignment Editor, Financial News, HK01
Financial technology has become the "evergreen" news topic in recent years. In addition to covering the latest industry developments, we also produce long-form articles and profile stories on topics such as electronic payments, blockchain, big data, AI, regulatory issues, among many others. In addition, most of our audience are local residents so we produce content based on their needs. Click here to read some of our past articles. 

Sean Lau, Managing Director, XFastest Hong Kong
I welcome stories about business-to-business solutions and technologies for corporates. In fact, we try to follow the rhythm of the relevant technological developments, and look at how the financial industry has used the latest technologies to make transactions such as deposits, loans and day-to-day trading handy and easy.

On the flip side, the world has been threatened by Decentralised Finance (DeFi) in recent years, with fears that regulators are unable to catch up with the rapid changes brought by DeFi. Therefore, we are interested in observing the whole phenomenon and the unprecedented challenges brought by it.

Victor Zhong, Business News Reporter, The Standard 
Our readers come from all walks of life so we tend not to cover the technical side of FinTech. Instead, we do cover industry trends and predictions that are of interest to the general public. 

Vienna Leung, Principal Reporter, Economic Digest
There will be important technological changes that will make cross-border transactions instantaneous. Technologies will also help people invest and increase their wealth in a whole new way. However, the level of network security needs to be further improved to clear the obstacles to FinTech’s long-term growth.

Wilson Kan, Principal Reporter, Innovation GPS, TVB 
I am open to pitches relating to cryptocurrencies and transactions involving both cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.

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