Best of Telum: Our best seven content pieces of 2021 in East Asia

Best of Telum: Our best seven content pieces of 2021 in East Asia

With 2021 about to wrap up, we’re looking back at the year with our seven favourite content pieces, webinars and articles in East Asia.

Adrian Wong on Bloomberg TV experience and tips to pitch
In February, Adrian Wong, Head of Asia-Pacific TV Interviews and Bookings at Bloomberg Television revealed in our popular Telum Talks To… series some of his most remarkable interviews, what trends and content the media platform is looking for, and tips on landing an interview on Bloomberg.

Tune in for tips on making an attractive pitch to Bloomberg

Death of third-party cookies
In March, Google announced the removal of third-party cookies. We spoke with Julia Clyne, Dow Jones’ Head of Media Sales & The Trust, and Edelman's Digital Strategy Director Andrew Ryder on what the announcement meant for publishers and brands. Chandni Motwani, Strategy Director, APAC of Appnovation also shared tips on what automation tools PRs can use to create customised omni-channel experiences for brands, despite the death of third-party trackers.

Find out what third-party cookies’ death means for brands
Read more about marketing automation and creating personal customer experience

Co-branded newsletter between the FT and Nikkei #techAsia
In May, veteran journalist James Kynge, Global China Editor of the Financial Times, spoke to us about the multi-faceted content #techAsia brings to its audience from Asia, Europe and North America. He shared some exclusive stories the newsletter covered and offered tips to those who wish to reach out with ideas and potential partnerships.

Watch the video with James for tips for pitching

Employee engagement during COVID and corporate purpose
In September, Telum caught up with Ruby Fu, President, China at Zeno Group to hear her experience having worked in various markets, the importance of corporate purpose, how Zeno Group kept their employee engaged during COVID and how staff can be encouraged to share corporate values.

Find out more about Ruby’s expertise and Zeno Group’s plans

Glimpses of Gafencu and Tatler’s line of work
In October, Gafencu’s Features Editor Nikita Mishra shared her editorial selection criteria when it comes to profile interviews with stylish and entrepreneurial movers and shakers. She revealed the stories and topics the magazine is interested in and offered advice for PRs. Meanwhile, Kate Appleton, Editorial Director, Front & Female, Tatler plans to continue to raise awareness on female empowerment. She shared that Front & Female is interested in accomplished and / or unconventional women.

Check out what Nikita said about creating a win-win situation for PRs and Gafencu
Find out how PRs can collaborate with Tatler to promote female empowerment

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