Best of Telum: Six content pieces for your end-of-summer reading, watching and listening

Best of Telum: Six content pieces for your end-of-summer reading, watching and listening

With summer coming to an end, let's cool down with a revisit to our favourite content pieces and webinars from the past few months. 

3am, two hats and one David Ingles
On top of being a Co-Anchor of Bloomberg Markets Asia, David Ingles oversees markets coverage and charts / data content for Bloomberg Television's Asia Pacific coverage. Reporting to Telum about the thrills of 3am-3pm workdays, David also shares why good timing and awareness of the news cycle are so essential for PRs wishing to engage with the network's shows.

Let's talk property, properly
As Editor-in-Chief of's Property channel, Zhou Xiangyu is a planner, editor and organiser with a mission to create far-reaching real estate-focused content. Telum caught up with him back in July to hear more about the channel's editorial coverage, covering markets beyond Mainland China and using ESG data to rate property developers.

Ease of restrictions and what it means for travel PR and media
With lessened travel and border restrictions in Southeast Asia, Telum held a webinar with Hotels-Asia's Raini Hamdi, Angeline Rodriguez at and Catalyst Communications' Gaynor Reid to unpack how the media and comms industries can best ride the recovery waves. Hint? Both the creative and the evergreen are necessary.

With the next three pieces, let's bid goodbye to the dog days with a summary of our May metaverse month. Is Web 3.0 a trend or are NFTs and the metaverse here to stay? We'll let our readers (and time) decide.

From Mainland China to Hong Kong, the magic of metaverse pitches
In addition to their editorial focus in this space, over 30 journalists in Mainland China and Hong Kong spoke to Telum on tips for PRs hoping to pitch on NFTs and the metaverse. As the space is still developing, it's important that PRs are making their pitches in the right angle, with the right context, to the right person. 

Cut the fat off, get to the meat of the metaverse hype
Sam Reynolds covers blockchain, NFTs and metaverse from Taiwan. He shares with us industry insights on bubbles of NFT valuation and looking beyond the hype cycles. Sam also highlights the importance of finding experts that know the industry data, are not afraid to speak their mind and can give him those punchy quotes.

Brand-audience relations' new frontier
Adrian Fu, Creative Director at CBR Media, spoke to Telum about how NFTs can be a game changer for marcomms. He acknowledges the challenges in transitioning consumers to the Web 3.0 space and gave insights into how this new space can revamp brand identities, increase consumer loyalty and rewire the way that brands connect with a new generation.

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