Changes to ABC news and current affairs programming in 2021

Changes to ABC news and current affairs programming in 2021

ABC has released its 2021 lineup for news and current affairs shows:
  • Q&A will move to a new timeslot in 2021, airing at 8.30pm on Thursdays. Q&A has been airing at 9.35pm on Mondays since 2008. 
  • Backroads and Foreign Correspondent will share the 8pm timeslot on Thursdays throughout 2021. Backroads is usually split over two seasons, in winter and summer. The rural news programme will move to the Thursday timeslot in early 2021 for a full 16 episode season.
  • When Backroads goes on season break, Foreign Correspondent will take over the 8pm timeslot on Thursdays.
  • ABC TV Plus will replace ABC Comedy, and will feature a slew of documentaries, arts, entertainment and comedy shows. The channel will launch 1st January.
  • The ABC will also launch a new weekly arts programme on the new channel.
Australian Story and Four Corners will continue to air on Mondays, with Four Corners marking its 60th year on air. Other news and current affairs shows returning in 2021 include News Breakfast, Insiders, The Drum, the 7pm News and 7.30.

A statement, released by the public broadcaster, announced that audiences can expect to see "more diverse and inclusive content" in the new year.

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