Common Affairs enters the media scene

Common Affairs enters the media scene

Common Affairs is an online portal that strives to empower its audience in ‘finding common ground in a polarised world’. Its niche revolves around arts and culture, high-end bikes, cycling culture and all things crypto with hints of luxury lifestyle and entertainment, as well as celebrity and event updates. The online portal also comes with Instagram accounts that are specialised according to their content verticals: Common Culture Affairs, Common Moto Affairs, Common Cycling Affairs, and Common Crypto Affairs.

Muhammad Nizam Hj. Khamis, or fondly known as Jiman Casablancas in the scene spearheads the editorial direction of Common Affairs as the Editor-in-Chief. He brings in two decades of experience from the legal, media, events and PR world; and concurrently runs his own PR consultancy outfit, JCPR. He also regularly contributes to various lifestyle and fashion titles, and his work both as writer and stylist has appeared in Harper’s BAZAAR Malaysia, BazaarMAN, GLAM Malaysia, GLAM Lelaki, Esquire Malaysia, Focus Malaysia’s Opulence, The Edge, MASSES, Getaran, The Vibes, and HANGER / JUICE Malaysia.

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