Digital News Excellence Awards 2022 winners revealed

Digital News Excellence Awards 2022 winners revealed

The Digital News Excellence Awards 2022 was held on 8th December 2022 by the Society for Online News Providers (SONP), Thai Media Fund and private corporates at Mandarin Hotel Bangkok. The event also featured a panel discussion titled "2023 Platforms to Change the World: How can Thais stay abreast of the media?"

The 2022 Best Digital News Award is divided into 6 news categories as follows:
  1. Best online investigative news or documentary award 
    • Winner - "Uncovering Bitkub, a dangerous unicorn?" from Manager Online.
    • Honorable Mention - National Anti-Corruption Commission Auditing the Mystery Deputy Chief from Isranews Agency.
    • Honorable Mention - Uncovering IO During Bangkok Governor Election from
  2. Best online news from social media issues award
    • Winner - "The Truth of Newborn Children That Affect the “Ageing Society” from Thai PBS.
    • Honorable Mention - Nong Namkhaeng, The Death of An 8-Year-Old Girl That Taught Us How To Cope With Grief from The MATTER
    • Honorable Mention - 11 Times LISA Rekindled Thailand's Soft Power from Thairath
  3. Best socially contributed online news award
    • Winner - “Let Us Talk to God Himself”, Voices of LGBTQIA+ Muslims from The MATTER.
    • Honorable Mention - Women and girls carrying all the trauma from violence in the deep south for 17 years from Thai PBS
    • Honorable Mention - Open Door from Workpoint Entertainment
  4. Best online news video award
    • Winner - The Bells End “Wanwit” from PPTV HD36
    • Honorable Mention - Cooking Happiness, The Change of Students' Lunch from TNN 16
    • Honorable Mention - Brown Vultures at Nakhon Nayok from PPTV HD36
  5. Best infographic news award
    • Winner - "Stepping on the Moon in 50 Years" from PPTV HD36
    • Honorable Mention - Things Never Change, World Leaders During the Past 8 Years from Thairath 
    • Honorable Mention - Get To Know Elon Musk from Spring News
  6. Best online news photo gallery award
    • Winner - "Aswin following up the construction of the Klong Chong Nonsi Canal" from PPTV HD36
    • Honorable Mention - Human Herd from Spring News
    • Honorable Mention - Carrying the Party's Leader and Scouting New Faces to Join the Team from PPTV HD36
More information and links to all the news pieces can be viewed here

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