Editorial and video online programme updates at Spring News
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Editorial and video online programme updates at Spring News

Spring News is an online media outlet covering a wide range of topics from general news, social issues, environment, to health, lifestyle, and tech. It aims to provide news and stories of life improvement through technology and innovation. As of February 2023, the editorial team and online video programme updates are as follows.
  • Natarpa Phongtipapon (Jaoh), Content Creator & Host for Spring Sarup Hai, covers general news, big and trending issues, current affairs, and social issues
  • Nopparit Kamolsuwan (Ta), Host and Tech Content Creator for Digital Life Update, covers technology news and updates as well as reviews and tips on tech and gadgets
  • Sutheemon Kumkoom (Lookpla), Content Creator & Host for Keep the World, covers the environment, green business and technology, sustainability, renewable, and climate change 
  • Salita Punleuk (Frame), Content Creator & Host for Long Laew, covers reviews and tips on lifestyle and travel 

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Salita Punleuk

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Nopparit Kamolsuwan

Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Natarpa Phongtipapon

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Content Creator & Host

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