Event Wrap Up: Telum Talks... Business

Telum recently sat down with 7NEWS' Finance and Business Editor Gemma Acton, 9 News' Finance Editor Ross Greenwood and SBS World News' Presenter and Finance Editor Ricardo Goncalves in the most recent “Telum Talks..." event.

The panel discussed the current state and future of business and business media in Australia, how they engage with their audiences, and how PRs could work better with broadcast newsrooms.

The full event can be viewed above.

Key insights from the day included:
  • All three of the network editors are based in Sydney, however can travel to relevant stories or, more likely, can utilise the camera crews in each capital cities to conduct  interviews across Australia,
  • Case studies are key, whether that is to demonstrate how international stories and news impacts Australians, or the power of a new personal finance app.
  • Because their audiences are broad and national, the number one question people should ask themselves before pitching a story is: what does this mean for my, and by extension the public’s, hip pocket.
  • Stories travel further and wider than just TV. Each story is likely to end up on multiple shows across the network, as well as online. There may be a different tone or a slightly different angle, but the content will likely live beyond just one bulletin.

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