Feature: What do journalists look for in 2022?

Feature: What do journalists look for in 2022?

Christina Yao, China Editor, Dezeen
2021 marks the 15th anniversary of Dezeen. To mark this milestone, we invited 15 renowned designers to share their ideas for future designs. We also launched the "Redesign the World" competition in collaboration with game developer Epic Games. I must say that in this year's annual Dezeen Awards, many Chinese design firms won accolades. For example, Neri&Hu was named "Architecture Studio of the Year", becoming the first Chinese architectural firm to win this award.

Speaking of the trendy topics in the creative industry, I would say Metaverse, flexible work, and carbon neutrality. 

Guo Yingzhe, Reporter, Caixin Global
In 2021, we did a series of reports on China's slowing economic growth, explaining the pressure China’s economy is facing. Those reports have received impressive views and comments from readers, and I think they did reflect the challenges facing people's livelihood based on what I see, so I felt the connection between my life and my reports. 

As the leadership pledges more policies to stabilise growth, I will pay close attention to relevant policies issued by various departments and local governments next year, and continue to pay attention to the economic recovery and the possible challenges facing our society, especially around consumption patterns, population policies and the real estate market.

Li Ning, Founder / Editor-in-Chief / CEO, GW Times
In 2022, GW Times will keep an eye on businesses with a focus on listed companies and more well-known corporates in the new economy sectors. We will warn investors about potential risks through our investigative reports and in-depth analysis made possible by our impartial editorial team. Meanwhile, GW Times will speak with professionals from different sectors to create easy-to-understand guidance for our investors and to produce content focusing on macroeconomics, investment trends and corporate development.

Bao Jianguang, Founder / Editor-in-Chief, The Latest IPO
We grew a lot in 2021. However, as the changes in the media industry and business field are unprecedentedly rapid, it is important for any media outlet to be sensitive to such changes. 

In 2022, we will continue to strengthen our coverage of good companies and good investment institutions. We will also produce more short videos to tell the story of worth-noting business people and corporates under our Xiangshang Video “向上视频” brand.

Huang Ting, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, SMART MONEY’S
In the past year, SMART MONEY'S interviewed dozens of investors. We witnessed and recorded hundreds of individual stories. Through our stories, we have hoped to showcase the dynamics of the vibrant capital markets so that our readers will feel motivated and inspired. We will keep doing this in 2022 by providing our readers with the best stories that are relevant to investors.  

In particular, we will continue to keep an eye on A-shares, the Hong Kong stock market, and outstanding overseas and local investors.

He Zongcheng, Chief Content Officer, ifanr
We started off in the print era; but over the years, we have transformed from a witness to an adopter of technology. In the past year, we experimented with a mix of new and old technologies in exploring new editorial opportunities. At the end of the day, a media outlet is judged more by its content than its format.

More specifically, we have started this new column, “New Consumption '', as we broadened our consumption-related coverage in addition to gadget reporting. The word “new” denotes a lifestyle change, and it is being reflected in three aspects: consumers (consumer attitudes and social ethos), products (the technological transformation and product design), and companies (the capital and businesses). 

Chang Yan, Founder, Supercharged
In 2022, we will continue to cover new energy vehicles and automotive technology with a focus on electric cars, automated driving and intelligent cockpits, while keeping an eye on long-distance road trips and the daily use of electric cars. 

Meanwhile, we are looking to hire new staff to enhance our video production capability in the following year. 

Guo Yang, Founder / Editor-in-Chief, ECO SPORTS 
With the return of the postponed Olympic Games and UEFA Champions League, we celebrated a big sports year in 2021. Esports, China chic, NFTs, short videos, home fitness, sports education, and the rise of women's power have all become hot topics in the sports field, and the industry is attracted by more young people. This year, we expanded our reach by creating audio and video editorial content as we embraced the big trend and a transforming media landscape.

The Olympic Winter Games in Beijing, the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, and FIFA World Cup in Qatar are major sports events that we will follow in 2022. Esports is making its debut at the Asian Games 2022 too, and it will doubtlessly become a big hit. Besides feature stories, we are going to expand our multimedia production capacity. Our subsidiary brands, ECO-esports and Girls Game On, will continue to look out for good stories from the emerging world of esports and cover sports from the women's perspective to cater for our audience’s diverse needs.

Hatty Liu, Managing Editor, The World of Chinese 
In 2021, we got smarter about utilising new media and social media in our work. We created more original content such as timely news analysis, a business and industry-focused podcast, and short videos that played to the strengths of our web and multimedia platforms, making them equal partners of our print magazine in terms of bringing high-quality stories from China to a global audience. We also expanded our team and began doing more offline events to increase our visibility. Finally, we have completely redesigned our website and app, giving us a more professional look and reader-friendly interface. The goal has been to pursue not just “quantity” in terms of reader numbers but “quality” in terms of attracting like-minded and influential followers. We’ve seen numbers rise on all metrics on our social media platforms, and more writers, podcasters, translators, and editors approach us to suggest collaboration. I’d say our strategy has been quite successfully implemented!

We are already working on our first issue of 2022, and with it comes an overhaul of the “culture” sections of our publication. We want the culture sections to take equal prominence with other sections dedicated to news and social issues. I think there is an opportunity here to become an authoritative outlet on an aspect of China that has typically been an afterthought in news publications. We will also be working to cement our reputation for in-depth, long-form reporting while producing a larger portfolio of timely, on-trend pieces related to contemporary Chinese social issues and culture. And we will be recruiting new writers and interns. Furthermore, we will be making short documentaries that get up-close to the communities at the heart of the story (pandemic permitting), and we will continue to roll out new updates and functionalities on our website. 

Ding Tian, Editor-in-Chief, Variety China / Writer
The biggest change that happened to Variety China in 2021 was it became a quarterly magazine from a monthly magazine, which means that it will provide more in-depth content. 

In the new year, the "Remembrance and Films" special under production is something I personally look forward to. We will be celebrating the cream of the crop in each category – drama series, “dark horses”, and reality shows. Behind all the glamour, it is each individual’s life featured in these entries that resonates with the masses.

Apart from preserving our heritage, we are always looking for breakthroughs.

The comeback of Youth Vision and Acne Paper and the establishment of Season and KiDS are very much proof that magazines are still relevant. I remember when I became the Editor-in-Chief of Variety China, someone said to me that magazines are a proposal to enrich life -- you must save magazines, as we don’t want our life to be boring or in ruins.  I hope I have made some contributions and will continue to do so!

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