Federal election 2022 newsroom coverage: AAP

Federal election 2022 newsroom coverage: AAP

What will the lead-up to the election look like for you?
AAP will provide comprehensive coverage of the election, including reporters and photographers on the Liberal and Labor campaign trails, regular updates on policy announcements, and all the colour of the campaign.

Journalists have been through training on election reporting and a range of editorial resources have been produced. Journalists based in the Canberra office will be monitoring social media and traditional media, as well as chasing stories of interest to AAP's subscribers. The election will also be an opportunity to showcase the new AAP News app and the capabilities of AAP's FactCheck service. 

What should people know about working with your newsroom on Election Day? 
Our reporters will be seeking news tips for the whole of the 33-day campaign. Of particular interest will be opinion polling and other research; well-argued and topical critiques of policy positions; and timely alerts for election-related events.

On election day itself, the main focus will be on the results after 6pm, with reporters later seeking reaction to the result. 

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