Federal election 2022 newsroom coverage: Sky News Australia
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Federal election 2022 newsroom coverage: Sky News Australia

What will the lead-up to the election look like for you?
The lead up to the election will be relentless now. Preparation in my job is a constant process - keeping across not just the drama of each day but the regions and seats that will determine the outcome on 21st May. It’s important to dig a little deeper in researching electorates and candidates, to know if there are any local issues or personalities that can shift the result that might not be on the national radar.
What should people know about working with journalists on Election Day?
On Election Day itself, journalists will be busy covering the leaders' voting, the mood in the polling booths and all the colour and movement, including, of course, the democracy BBQ. Until polls close, it’s all about setting the scene on Election Day ahead of the vote count from 6pm. The detailed policy discussion and debate has been had, now it’s time for the result.

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