Full webinar: Covering the Philippines in 2021
George Putong

Telum Media caught up with a panel of senior journalists and a PR leader to talk about how media coverage is like in the Philippines in 2021.

The discussion included tips on how to make significant news stories stand out, how to leverage long form in storytelling, and ways to standardise how journalists and PRs collaborate.

Tips for communication professionals
  • Connect yourselves first with audiences and know how they consume their information.
  • When monitoring, take a look at what audiences are asking.
  • Keep yourself relevant by upskilling and adopting tech to tell stories.
  • Engagement is the way of the future. Whether a PR or journalist, use your skills to help build a community.
  • Find stories that are points of resonance and connection among readers.
  • To level up as a PR practitioner, don't look at people as a transaction. Love people first and love the stories that are being told.

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