Introducing ShengFM
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Introducing ShengFM

ShengFM is a podcast label created in 2019, aiming to deliver information and stories from different fields in a solid and inspiring way. ShengFM produces and distributes a number of original podcasts, including (声东击西), What's Next | Ke Ji Zao Zhi Dao (What's Next | 科技早知道), sheng expresso (声动早咖啡), msbussinesswhy (商业WHY酱), down to the rabbit hole (跳进兔子洞), etc.

The editorial team of ShengFM consists of Senior Editors and Senior Writers form YiMagazine,, Caixin Media, and so on, as well as senior practitioners from major technology companies in mainland China, institutions of public offering, etc.

ShengFM is now recruiting.

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