MYEPPO’s website takes off

MYEPPO’s website takes off

MYEPPO has recently launched its media and e-commerce platform that is centred on beauty and wellness. In Korea, ýeppo means pretty and that is what MYEPPO aspires to be: a purveyor of pretty things. The platform features editorial content highlighting the beauty routine of celebrities and influencers, as well as regular features on skincare, makeup, haircare, wellness and fragrance. MYEPPO can also be followed on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

The editorial team members are:
Chief Content Creator – William KC Kee
The editorial content and direction is led by William KC Kee who joins as Chief Content Creator. He brings with him two decades of experience in the media industry and used to be with The Star, Men's Folio Malaysia and Pursuit (lifestyle pullout of Focus Malaysia), to name a few.
Digital Content Creator – Nur Aqalili Azizan
Nur Aqalili Azizan joins as a Digital Content Creator. She is responsible for curating and writing as well as video shooting for the platform. Aqalili was previously the Lifestyle Writer at Pursuit.

Both William and Aqalili report to Dan Loh, who is the General Manager of Luxor Holdings which owns MYEPPO. He was previously the Chief Executive Officer at Focus Malaysia who also launched Pursuit.

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