New digital magazine Love, Dog to launch

New digital magazine Love, Dog to launch

Love, Dog is a new monthly digital magazine, slated to launch in September. Founded and published by veteran Publisher, Mark Drucker, the subscription-only magazine will feature original editorial content exploring the human-canine relationship, by asking readers to imagine things from a dog's point of view.

Based in the United States, Love, Dog is aimed at audiences in North America, Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, the United Kingdom and Europe. The title will aim to explore the unique, 35,000-year relationship between humans and dogs, covering everything from news and fiction, wellness and training, rescue and adoption, to the neurosciences and shopping. 

The Love, Dog editorial team is as follows:
  • Mark Drucker, Founder / Publisher / Editorial Director
  • Taylor Plimpton, Founding Executive Editor
  • B.L. Ochman, News Editor
  • Justyna Szymczak, Editor (Dogs for Adoption)
  • Kristopher Fraser, Editor, Style & Design and Head of Brand Curation
  • Leah Rosch, Research Chief
The first issue of Love, Dog will be sent to subscriber’s inboxes on Wednesday, 1st September.

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  • Mark Drucker
  • Taylor Plimpton
  • B.L. Ochman
  • Leah Rosch
  • Kristopher Fraser
  • Justyna Szymczak
  • Love, Dog
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