New media outlets to watch in 2023

New media outlets to watch in 2023

With every new year comes a new crop of media outlets that have something fresh to offer. 2022 was no different, with new radio stations, trade publications and lifestyle magazines popping up across Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.

Here is a recap of some notable players that emerged in Southeast Asia over the past year, organised by country, and why we should watch them in 2023.

  • Indonesia Business Post: Launched in April 2022, this online publication provides exclusive interviews and deal-making business intelligence information. It also offers due diligence services for various businesses.

    In a country where political risk has an immeasurable impact on its international business dynamic, foreign companies need clarity on the business-political dynamic in Indonesia, in order to measure and mitigate risk. The team also consists of senior reporters, including former Reuters journalist Agustinus Beo Da Costa.
  • Aqua Indonesia: Launched in June 2022, this Jakarta-based trade magazine focuses on aquaculture issues such as the fish feed industry, fish farming, shrimp, seaweed, and other aquaculture aspects.

    Given that there aren't many news outlets focusing on the aquaculture sector, this niche publication aims to shed light on the industry and serve as a news source for people working in aquaculture. Check out our earlier feature with their Editor-in-Chief Farid Dimyati.
  • Molek FM: A new radio station rolled out by Media Prima Audio in January 2022, offering news and entertainment updates for the East Coast community in Malaysia.

    Spearheaded by Nik Nor Azura Nik Mahmood, the station's Network Content Director, Molek FM aims to celebrate Malaysia's East Coast community via their local arts, culture, heritage and tradition, as well as great music. The channel currently has frequencies in Kota Bahru, Kelantan, Kuala Terengganu and Kuantan.
  • A news portal that focuses on Web3 and blockchain technology. Launched in September 2022 by Asia Online Publishing Group, it offers daily news reports and information on a variety of crucial aspects of decentralised technology that are pertinent to people, businesses, and the financial sector all over the world.

    The portal aims to keep readers up to date with the latest developments and concepts relating to "the next phase of the internet" from a global perspective. It also runs interviews and online webinars, conducts ongoing surveys and analyses and produces educational content and guides. Harith Hela Ladin, the site's Editorial Assistant, is responsible for providing support at all stages of publication.
  • Republic Asia: A youth-focused digital publication launched in November 2022. Based in Manila, the portal covers general news, social issues, government and politics, and youth-related stories.

    Helmed by Editor-in-Chief and seasoned newsman Gerry Lirio, Republic Asia seeks to empower Filipinos, especially millennials and Gen Zs. Heavy on how-tos, features and community stories from the provinces, it provides an interactive platform that allows young people to be heard. Read more about Republic Asia in our Publication Profile.
  • The Rivalry: An online sports publication which offers readers feature stories, sports analysis, statistics, live scores, and schedules. Launched in September 2022, it covers basketball, volleyball, billiards, pool, football and other sports.

    Formed by a group of veteran sports journalists, The Rivalry is led by Founder / Lead Editor Sid Ventura. The team is also planning to launch a podcast soon.
  • Jom: A weekly digital magazine covering arts, culture, politics, business, technology and more in Singapore. Launched in August 2022.

    Jom prides itself on its slow journalism approach and caters to people who are interested in Singapore, enjoy good prose and are eager to engage with contrarian views and thinking. The independent publication is helmed by its Editor-in-Chief, Sudhir Vadaketh, Head of Visual Culture and Media, Charmaine Poh and Head of Content, Tsen-Waye Tay. Catch our earlier interview with Sudhir and look out for their upcoming podcast.
  • Blockhead: A community-driven media platform that focuses on Web3. Previously known as Bread, it was relaunched in April 2022 and targets people who are interested in cryptocurrency and fintech.

    The sister publication of RICE Media covers all key markets in Asia and produces content that examines the technological, cultural and business impact of Web3 innovation in Asia and beyond.
  • The Next Chapter: A new show by online media outlet The People, launched in October 2022. Hosted by The People's Editor-in-Chief Anant Lerpradit, the online programme interviews professionals from various industries about Thai soft power and how it helps to drive the Thai economy creatively.

    Soft power has been a growing topic in many countries, given its ability to help drive economies and make nations influential via arts and pop culture. Thailand is no exception and one prime example is the "Milli effect", where Thai rapper Milli drove mango sticky rice sales after performing her single "Mango Sticky Rice" at Coachella and eating the popular dessert on stage. As soft power gains more attention, The Next Chapter is one show that delves into the ideas and process behind this force.
  • Bangkok TODAY: An online platform by workpointTODAY that focuses on Bangkok's lifestyle, art, culture and tourism. It aims to be a hub for people around the world who want to learn about the city from various perspectives.

    Part of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration's "Colorful Bangkok 2022" campaign, it was first soft-launched on TikTok in November 2022 and will be soon be on other platforms to capture all social media users. Its content, mostly short videos, comes in Thai, English and Chinese.

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