Newswire service for free from A24 News Agency and The Choice Group Asia

Newswire service for free from A24 News Agency and The Choice Group Asia

The Choice Group Asia is now looking for suitable top-level media partners to work with A24 News Agency, who is offering a free six-month package. A24 News Agency was launched in 2015, and they now work with over sixty broadcast and digital partners around the world, including CBS in the USA and Sky News channels. With their own staff all over the world, they create original content in text and videos, covering over ten countries across Asia on a 24/7 basis including Thailand, Laos, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Cambodia, TAIWAN, Mongolia, and Bangladesh.

For those who are interested in taking up this free service, please contact Mike Bridge, Asian Representative at The Choice Group Asia. Once a new account is confirmed, A24 News would send the news as it breaks to the designated editor or multiple editors / journalists. In return, the media partners just have to send the URL of any content posted.

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