Out in Town: The Past and Future of PR Measurement

Out in Town: The Past and Future of PR Measurement

On 23rd November 2022, the Public Relations and Communications Association Asia Pacific (PRCA APAC), in partnership with CARMA Asia hosted a measurement conference in Singapore, in conjunction with AMEC Measurement Month. Industry experts discussed the relevance of current measuring standards, the shifting industry attitudes, and the importance of understanding the value of PR. They also offered their knowledge, tips, and techniques in these areas.

Key takeaways:
  • Quantifying the impact of PR activities through ‘Advertising Value Equivalency’ (AVE) does not justify the strategic importance of PR role and its value to business objectives.
  • Data and insights can be used as forms of gap-filling advisory for businesses, leading them to new decision outcomes as well innovative solutions and opportunities.
  • PR and communicators cannot rely on a single path of metric. The media landscape and consumers' media consumption habits are constantly changing and evolving; hence PR and its stakeholders must also constantly review and rethink their measurement strategies.
  • Partner with other units of the businesses i.e. marketing to have a gauge of the impact of PR is having on the audiences. Business units should not be seen as silos and should leverage each expertise in the best way possible.
  • Measuring the impact and value of PR should not be seen as a checklist, but rather, a framework to plan your metric.
  • Measurement tools can provide valuable insights to every unique business if it’s driven with the right questions, planning and goal settings.

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