Publication Profile:

Publication Profile:

Could you provide an overview of the publication's target audience? caters to a diverse audience, encompassing the general Bahasa Indonesia population and specific niche groups interested in key developments within and outside the Southeast Asian region and in certain key issues and interests pertinent to specific groups of readers.

These niche audiences include BI-speaking PMETs, women, and digitally savvy youth, both within and beyond Indonesia.

Can you give us insights into the specific themes or subjects typically covered by across its content pillars?
Content pillars at cover a broad spectrum of topics, including Indonesian politics, economic trends, public health, and environmental issues.

Additionally, the platform delves into subjects relevant to its niche audiences, such as business and finance, lifestyle themes covering relatable topics on health, social and family advice, and cultural topics like arts and entertainment. The 'Editor’s Picks' section showcases noteworthy, original content from across the CNA newsroom.

For PR professionals interested in collaboration, what distinguishes a compelling story pitch to your team? Are there particular elements or angles that you look for?
Top of the list would be stories that are likely to do well among our BI readers, which we believe are those that are relatable and have a direct impact on their day-to-day lives.

These stories should have strong human-interest angles and elements that are readily resonating with their lives and surroundings. They must also have very high value-added in terms of substance, information, and analysis such that the readers find it worthwhile to spend their time reading.

How does differ from local or foreign publishers in town?
What sets apart from local and foreign publishers is its provision of timely Bahasa Indonesia-language coverage and analysis with a regional perspective on Asian issues. We aim to help readers in and outside Indonesia, or even the region, to understand Asia better.

Furthermore, offers exclusive, award-winning CNA content across multiple platforms, ensuring a unique and informative experience for its audience.

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