Publication Profile: Deasoka

Publication Profile: Deasoka

Walk us through Deasoka. What is the publication about and what does it aim to achieve?
Deasoka is fully managed by Tuntas Media and is registered as an online news portal under the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia. We highlight news elements in a comprehensive manner, especially related to the affairs happening in Sabah. 

What sort of content do you publish? 
Deasoka is focused on handling live news coverage at the scene of the incident and has slowly gained popularity among social media users after marking our debut in August last year. 

Who is Deasoka’s target audience?
The audience of Deasoka is made up by the residents of Malaysia and Sabah in particular, with a focus on the locality of Kota Kinabalu as the capital of the administrative focus.

What is Deasoka’s editorial focus for the remainder of 2022?
The team is focused on the current issue and the doctrine of Sabah as we see it has great potential after the post-COVID-19 endemic, especially the willingness of Sabah to be neighbour to Nusantara, the new capital of Indonesia.

Tell us about your editorial team. 
Founding Editor: Ruzaini Zulkepli 
Chief Reporter: Junaidi Ladjana
Editorial Team: Mohd Izham Unnip, Fardy Bungga, Norashiken Daineh, Mohd Ridzal Abdullah, Sharel Anne Petrus
Graphic Team: Nur Ajeera Adnan, Nurzarrain Azmeida and Fae

What sorts of story pitches are you interested in receiving?
Government updates, politics, social issues, human interest, interesting and unique trends happening in Sabah. 

Any editorial deadlines to be aware of?
There are no specific deadlines, but we aim to be up-to-date, in view of the digital era with everything at our fingertips. 

Answers submitted by Ruzaini Zulkepli, Founding Editor of Deasoka. 

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