Publication Profile: Driven Women Magazine

Publication Profile: Driven Women Magazine

Answers submitted by Helen, Founder / Editor of Driven Women Magazine.

Tell us about Driven Women Magazine. What inspired its launch in 2017?
I was inspired to launch Driven Women Magazine because I was fed up with the lack of female contributors in mainstream motoring magazines.

Despite women influencing more than 80 per cent of new car purchases, there are still just a handful of regular female contributors to Australian automotive magazines and big automotive websites still. I would like Driven Women Magazine to be a catalyst to increase this number.

What kind of motoring content do you cover?
Predominantly on my website, I write car reviews from a woman's and mother’s perspective. I highlight the practical elements of a vehicle as well as everyday performance in my car reviews.

I also publish articles on my website that focus on women who are working in the automotive sector.

Do you have a favourite story you covered in 2022?
In addition to the cars I have reviewed, my favourite story from 2022 would be this one, "House of Carbs", which is about Riley, a teenage girl who rebuilds old carburettors as a side hustle. 

Do you employ other writers or are you the only contributor?
I employ writers for my magazine, but I am the only contributor to my website. 

You recently announced Driven Women Magazine's 2022 Car of the Year Award. Can you tell us a bit about them?
Driven Women Magazine has capped off its fifth anniversary year by announcing our best cars driven in 2022. It was another busy one, reviewing 58 vehicles from 24 different marques. From a plus AU$400,000 McLaren to a sub AU$20,000 Kia and pretty much everything in between.

Independent car reviews, written by a woman with input from her family - that's what you get when you read the reviews from Driven Women Magazine. And, once again, my children have also selected their favourite vehicles from the year. For 2022, the Driven Women Magazine Car of the Year can be found here.

What advice do you have for PRs wanting to pitch to you?
I am keen to drive as many new cars as possible in 2023, so if you are a PR looking after a car company then please get in touch. Likewise, if you have an automotive story that focuses on women.

In addition to automotive content, I also feature luxury goods, including watches and handbags in my social media posts. So, if you would like me to feature your luxury brand with a particular car then I would love to hear from you.

Please contact me if you would like a copy of my media kit.

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