Publication Profile: EFTM

Publication Profile: EFTM
Kristy Nguyen

Tell us about EFTM. What sort of content do you publish, and how often?
Everything For The Man (EFTM) is a men's publication covering tech, cars and lifestyle. We publish daily news in those areas, as well as product reviews across all three categories, with a core emphasis on technology. 

Who comprises your readership?
There are around 220,000 readers per month and across every single platform - web, socials, and Apple News - our demographic is 70 per cent male with 94 per cent over the age of 35. We also have a large podcast audience for our weekly talkback technology help programme.

Any upcoming features or projects you're looking forward to?
We don't do features, more promotions. We've given away cars, Xboxes, PS5s, and much more over recent years.
Who makes up EFTM's editorial team?
I'm the Editor and Publisher, and Scott Plowman and Daniel Tyson write a large amount of our news and reviews. 

What advice would you give to PRs hoping to pitch to EFTM?
Be relevant and understand that we're time-poor.

Answers submitted by Trevor Long, Editor / Publisher.

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