Publication Profile: ellaslist

Publication Profile: ellaslist
Chloe Arentz

Describe ellaslist for someone who has never visited the website before. What sort of content do you publish?
Well, let's start with who we are. We're a movement of mums and dads who love getting the most out of their neighbourhoods and having amazing, new experiences with their kids. We know raising kids is no mean feat and we need a ton of inspiration. So, we spend time discovering the best local kid-friendly events, classes, places to go, and cool stuff to help parents rock out at this parenting gig.

We believe in discovering something new every day and we know that opening your child’s world can open yours too. We know that getting out and about can perk you up more than a macchiato, a five-minute chat can turn your whole day around and connectivity is more than a strong WiFi signal.

And, guess what? We’ve found your community, just around the corner. We help make it happen by hooking parents up with the best of what's around them and more!

The site covers Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane - how does the team keep across what’s happening in each city?
It makes it easier that we all have children that are in constant need of entertainment, so we're all living and breathing the content every day. We're also constantly on the lookout for any family-friendly events across news sites or through social media - the source for our What's Happening content is endless. And of course, we always love it when a PR reaches out to tell us about family-friendly news or events. It takes a village to keep ellaslist up-to-date.

Does the team personally review any events?
We do! We review as many of the events, venues, locations, playgrounds, play centres, and others, as we can. There is nothing more important to us than making sure we are recommending a great experience and we like to take our own families to review the experiences as often as possible. It's our special ellaslist's stamp of approval.  

Kids' activities and events are particularly popular during school holidays - how far in advance do you look for school holiday content?  
Honestly, the sooner the better. As soon as one school holiday is over we are thinking about the next one. The same thing applies for each season. A lot of our content is seasonal. Right now, we're on the hunt for all the spring and school holiday content but we've already started thinking about summer and Christmas!

Any advice for PRs looking to reach out to you and the team? What catches your eye in a pitch?
I think it helps if the PR is familiar with the content on the site, or knows the sort of content we publish on the site. We love family and kid-friendly events, news and inspiration that we can share online to help our community connect offline. Plus, the addition of great images will always catch our eye.

Answers submitted by Holly Royce, Editor.

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