Publication Profile: ESG of The Edge Malaysia

Publication Profile: ESG of The Edge Malaysia

Talk us through ESG. What is the publication about and what does it aim to achieve?
Global awareness of ESG is gaining momentum, impacting almost every segment of society and the economy. To keep our readers abreast with the latest developments domestically and globally, The Edge Malaysia has come up with a new monthly ESG pullout.

The new pullout aims to educate readers, both consumers and business owners, on the latest trends and important issues related to ESG (environmental, social, and governance). The articles will highlight the challenges, gaps, and opportunities in the space, as well as risks – from potential regulations, consumer demand, and climate change – that may impact businesses that are not aligned with ESG principles.

How often do you publish? 
The issue is published every third week of the month.

Who is ESG’s target audience?
The readers of The Edge Malaysia, anyone who is interested in ESG issues. 

What are the issues or trends you’re excited about covering in 2022?
The adoption of ESG among Malaysian companies, upcoming regulations, and policies, risks, and opportunities for businesses, strategies by companies to reach net-zero, reduce emission, and greenwashing. 

Tell us about your editorial team. 
We are the same team covering Digital Edge and Wealth. 

What sorts of story pitches are you interested in receiving?
Interesting and unique trends, companies doing something different or progressive, deep dive into topics or discussions about the latest issues. 

Answers submitted by Tan Zhai Yun (Nat), Editor of ESG. 

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