Publication Profile: Geek Culture

Publication Profile: Geek Culture

1. What is Geek Culture about and what does it aim to achieve?
If you’ve ever wondered where to find the latest news in pop culture, from the latest hardware and electronics, entertainment, gaming to dining and apparel, there’s where Geek Culture resides. The founders came together as fans of movies, TV shows, games and more, and felt that the avenues to find the latest and greatest happenings in Singapore, Southeast Asia and even around the world, were lacking. Realising that there was a huge community who felt the same, especially when the majority of such news reports were covered by channels and professionals who did not appreciate the impact of the news content (which ultimately came across as rather pedestrian in approach), a new media channel was born.

Over time, we developed a strong niche as audiences sought out our content and continued to support us for our insights, as we have been able to distill content topics and focus news coverage on why it matters in their lives.

2. What sort of content do you publish, and how often?
We publish news stories daily on our site and this can be in the form of written articles, as well as long-form videos. Over the years, we’ve also developed a strong social media audience for both short- and long-form content across various channels, and we do everything from news coverage, interviews, reviews and first looks to gameplay showcases, content unboxing and more. With everything we do, we look at how the appetite for each social platform’s audience gravitates towards special formats of content and adapt our content roll-out accordingly.

An example would be adapting written articles into different forms for our other channels. For instance, we could adapt a written movie review into a short-form video for TikTok, or into a long-form video on YouTube accompanied by a written piece to provide quick highlights.

We produce over 500 content pieces a month across written content, videos, and memes.

3. Who and where are your target audience? Why should they check out Geek Culture?
Our audiences have a strong presence across Asia, and we also have a strong following across the globe, from the United States and United Kingdom. As our coverage is in English, we tend to attract geeks from all around the world with a passion for anime, table-top games, video games, movie and TV news, and more. Many of our visitors come for daily news and stay to check out our reviews and features.

4. What is your editorial focus for the coming year (2023)?
With so much entertainment, games, toys, and tech being released, we want to continue to help geeks and non-geeks navigate each niche. Our focus is also on attracting the right kind of talent to help elevate their favourite niche and give them a platform to find their community. From hosting in-person panels and working with brands to navigate product launches and new release content, to creating awareness over a new category, we don't want to simply repeat what we’ve done. Instead, we want to explore new ways to reach audiences.

5. What key trends or sectors are you following at the moment?
We’re always on the hunt for the coolest things to feature, and have travelled the world to cover global launches, new releases, interviews and events. Across Asia, there has been a strong absence of timely, detailed and notable coverage across tech, entertainment and lifestyle, as traditional media outlets devote less time to them, thereby creating a gap in content around these topics. Geek Culture continues to push the entertainment, tech and gaming boundaries, as our audiences embrace these segments, and we look for new platforms to deliver on the things they care about.

6. Do you have any recent audience or readership figures to share?
Geek Culture has over 1.5 million website visitors each month, and a combined audience of over 2 million viewers on our YouTube, TikTok and Instagram social channels. We also co-host events, including invite-only movie screenings, video game showcases, and work to ensure that we fill a venue or movie theatre with like-minded fans who are passionate about what they see.

7. What does your ideal PR pitch look like? Are there any pitches you'd like to receive more (or less) of?
The ideal PR pitch comes from someone who reads Geek Culture on a regular basis, and who knows our interest and how to present a product to us, be it a new chip from Intel, tablet from Apple, phone from Samsung, collectible from Hasbro, cast and crew interview from Hollywood, app from Adobe, card game from Wizards of the Coast, TV from LG, TV series from Netflix, or more. We love to tap on that passion to better understand how we are able to help elevate their content. Our readers are discerning and know when an article is written by an individual who is part of their community.

We love exclusive opportunities and early hands-on experiences as well. The team is open to travel to cover the latest happenings.

8. Any exciting plans or announcements we can look out for on your end?
We’ve grown our brand to include like-minded partners and have built a strong video content pillar with well-known personality Bobby Tonelli. We are also the only Singapore media to be an official partner of the 2022 Game Awards, a global ceremony which recognises creative and technical excellence in the video game industry. We continue to work with studios for exclusive talent interviews, speak with high-level executives from global companies about their product roadmap, and work with them to deliver the news in exciting ways that few know how to.

Answers submitted by Gerald Chan, Founder / Editor of Geek Culture.

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