Publication Profile: Hello Doktor

Publication Profile: Hello Doktor

What is Hello Doktor about and what does it aim to achieve?
Hello Doktor was launched in 2018 to provide helpful health information to all Malaysians. It is a subsidiary of a company called Hello Health Group that has been actively providing trusted health information in nine countries including Malaysia. You can find expert-reviewed health information, health tools that measure and evaluate health levels and risks, and even a digital community to help you manage your health better. Being entitled to trusted health information will assist our Malaysian community in making healthier decisions for themselves and their loved ones. A happier and healthier life begins here.

What kind of stories does Hello Doktor produce and what topics usually catch your audience's interest?
Hello Doktor publishes expert-reviewed medical facts, information, stories, and health tips. Pregnancy, Parenting, Women's Health, Healthy Eating, and Sexual Health are amongst the most popular topics on our platform.

Who is your target audience? Why should they check out Hello Doktor?
Everyone is our target audience. We believe that each person should have adequate health knowledge so that they can make their own informed decisions about their own or loved ones' health. At Hello Doktor, we ensure that our content is medically reviewed by experts. We also collaborate with many experts to create various types of content for our audience's benefit.

What makes you different from other publications?
Our motto is health above wealth. We always make sure that health is our top priority, be it for our users and also us at Hello Doktor.  Hence, our readers can rest assured that we will always work hard to produce content that is beneficial, relevant and most importantly medically reviewed by experts for them to make informed decisions when it comes to their health.

What is your editorial focus for 2023?
We are focusing to develop more on our Pregnancy & Parenting category which includes the creation of exclusive content that will be more engaging for our users.

What key trends or sectors are you following at the moment?
Pregnancy and parenting but health trends can be unpredictable, like sudden outbreaks and others.

What does your ideal PR pitch look like? Are there any pitches you'd like to receive more (or less) of?
More real-life patient stories would be appreciated. We hope to publish articles that are more personal and relatable to readers. Real-life patient stories can help readers accept and comprehend that certain conditions do exist and that many people suffer from them. This can come from patients as well as medical experts such as doctors, pharmacists, nurses, physiotherapists, and others.

Do you have any editorial deadlines?
No. Other than the content that is related to seasonal health trends such as certain disease outbreaks, health days campaigns and festive seasons, we are pretty flexible. 

Any exciting plans or announcements we should be aware of?
We are going to launch exclusive content features on our website. Hence, we are looking for more experts to contribute to this exciting project. Looking forward to collaborating with more experts and producing high-quality and more engaging content for our users.

Answers submitted by Editor-in-Chief, Siti Sofiah Mohd Farudz.

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