Publication Profile: Hunter & Coastal Lifestyle Magazine

Publication Profile: Hunter & Coastal Lifestyle Magazine
Chloe Arentz

Tell us about Hunter & Coastal Lifestyle Magazine. What sort of content do you cover?
We are a premium lifestyle magazine for the Hunter Valley, Newcastle and the Central Coast. We are an unashamedly positive voice showcasing everything the region has to offer. Our readers are locals and those who would love to be. Our editorial pillars are homes, in-depth stories about fascinating locals, restaurants, wineries and experiences, as well as weddings, travel and business, community and charity news.

For someone who has never visited the Hunter region before, what should they know?
That they have missed out on A LOT - and they better start making travel plans. The Hunter is such a vibrant region and it’s about a lot more than wine (even though the wine is pretty darn good too!). There’s the breathtaking natural beauty, world-class horse breeders and deeply fascinating artists, a mouthwatering hospitality scene, resident bottlenose dolphins, front-row seats to the humpback highway, Australia’s only commercial art gallery focused on textiles, the largest coastal saltwater lake of the Southern Hemisphere and, we even claim to have Australia’s literary capital. I know it sounds eclectic, but we’ve got all of that and more in the region that we cover in Hunter & Coastal Lifestyle Magazine. 

Who makes up the editorial team?
We work with a group of fabulously talented freelance local writers who all have their favourite topics to dive into - whether it’s rural living, restaurant reviews, or portraits of fascinating locals. They enjoy being able to write longer form features (up to about 1,600 to 1,800 words).

Where is the magazine distributed? 
We sell through select Harris Farm markets and newsagencies throughout the region, as well as in Sydney and Canberra. We also have paying subscribers.

How has the publication evolved since its launch?
It initially covered “only” the Hunter region but has since expanded to also cover Newcastle and the Central Coast. Plus, the trim size has changed. There have been wedding flip books in the past and, of course, there have been editorial and design relaunches. But the core focus of showcasing the region to the people who are lucky enough to live here has never changed. We will be turning 30 in 2023, and the concept will continue to evolve with the needs and wants of our readers.

Hunter & Coastal Lifestyle Magazine also recently created its own television commercial. You can watch it here.

What role does the publication play in the wider community?
We are all about creating connections in the community, whether that is between our readers or across our advertising partners. It’s a close-knit community and people genuinely care about each other and want to know what’s happening.

Any advice for PRs looking to reach out to you and the team?
With the exception of travel (yes - we do leave the region every once in a while), we are focused on all things local. Any stories have to have that local angle for us. It also helps to keep in mind that our audience is female-skewed and predominantly in the 35 to 55 age group. They have a nice disposable income, live an active lifestyle, and are very house-proud. If your story ticks those boxes, please contact us. We also love for you to make it easy for us: we’re print, so we do need hi-res imagery. Make it easy to access the content in question, and keep things simple and straightforward.

Answers submitted by Cornelia Schulze, Publisher / Editor.

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