Publication Profile: NEW GRAVITē

Publication Profile: NEW GRAVITē

Tell us more about NEW GRAVITē - what is the publication about and what does it aim to achieve?
NEW GRAVITē is a one-stop online magazine for Korean content. We plan to tap on the strong interest Singaporeans have in all things Korean, and we want to build a community for people who genuinely appreciate Korean culture in its entirety.
What sort of content do you publish, and how often?
Our content ranges from reviews, events and entertainment to products, interviews and even human interest stories. We have a monthly series titled "Stratosphere" where we highlight Korean indie artists. Our most recent feature was an interview with Doctor Yizzle, a Korean American artist. You can read his feature here.

Who is NEW GRAVITe’s target audience?
18 to 35-year-old young adults based in Singapore who have an interest in Korean food, culture, events, products and services.

What is the publication’s editorial focus for the remainder of 2022?
We're still in the midst of exploring more content pillars but for the rest of 2022 we'll probably focus more on building up our social media engagement and presence while continuing with our current coverage.

What key trends or sectors are you following at the moment?
With the ease of travel restrictions and borders opening up, a lot of concerts have been announced recently. Travel and entertainment are definitely hot topics that we are following at the moment.

Do you have any recent audience or readership figures to share?
We have an average of 1,000 readers per month, most of whom are from Singapore.

What does your ideal PR pitch look like? Are there any pitches you’d like to receive more (or less!) of?
An ideal PR pitch would have to contain the main message in the first paragraph (is it promoting a product, launching a new menu?) and a line or two about what's interesting that readers will be keen to learn more about.

We’re open to anything Korean-related (even fusion) but more specifically we’re looking at doing more products or shop launches, beauty, fashion, concerts, films and event-related stories.

Answers submitted by Marcus Khoo, Co-Founder / Editor-in-Chief of NEW GRAVITē.

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