Publication Profile: Rojak Daily

Publication Profile: Rojak Daily

Tell us about Rojak Daily. What is the publication about and what does it aim to achieve?
Rojak Daily is an online publication that aims to push Malaysian stories to the forefront. We believe everyday Malaysians from all corners have millions of unique stories and we hope to be the ones tell their tale.

From celebrating little wins like the University lecturer managed to achieve his dream of racing in Sepang, to the flight stewardess who became a pilot in the Middle East, Rojak Daily aims to champion Malaysians and show them what we’re all capable of.

What sort of content do you publish, and how often?
We work around five content pillars and produce articles, videos, and platform-specific content for social media. We post every day except weekends (unless the big, big boss comes knockin’).

Though the pillars cover different topics, they all focus on telling uniquely Malaysian stories either through its people or a shared experience.

Who is Rojak Daily's target audience?
We hope to reach many by relating to them in hyper focused, meaningful content. While we hope our content resonates with people of all ages, we’re aware that what we produce probably attracts the urban, middle class Malaysian who mainly speaks English and are in the age range of 18-45.

What is Rojak Daily’s editorial focus for the remainder of 2022?
The team is focused on reviving the brand by tapping into different tribes online. We’re focused on engaging with our audience, getting stories from them, and relating with them in a way that we did not previously.

What topics does your team cover that people might not be aware of?
Alcohol, probably. We’ve explored alcohol events in the past but we want to also lean into the social culture of drinking and enjoying alcohol more. While we’re not exactly the best drinkers in the team, we appreciate the craft that goes into it and its properties as a social lubricant.

How can PRs work with Rojak Daily? What makes a pitch stand out?
We’re very appreciative of all the PR agencies who have supported us in the past and continue to work with us. Our long time partners know that we value a good local story above all. We like pitches that have a strong human component to them. If it’s a product-driven or branding-driven campaign, we appreciate if we have the flexibility to combine those things with people’s experiences. This way, we feel the brand gains a friendly face through our story and we as a publication gain a good story.

Any editorial deadlines to be aware of?
Only when it comes to seasonal content like Raya, Merdeka, Christmas, and other festivities. Otherwise, we’re free and easy.

Answers submitted by Marcus Lee, Editor-in-Chief of Rojak Daily.

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