Publication Profile: Set The Tables

Publication Profile: Set The Tables

Tell us about Set The Tables. What is the publication about and what does it aim to achieve?
Set the Tables is an independent food and drinks media created to inspire the hospitality community by creating opportunities for partnerships, networking, and the sharing of insights and news across Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong.

The name Set the Tables and what we do are inspired by a bestselling industry business book from award-winning legendary restaurateur Danny Meyer, of Union Square Cafe, Gramercy Tavern, and Shake Shack. We strive to be the go-to digital resource dedicated to chronicling the progression of the food and beverage industry. Our articles are specially tailored around insider information by the industry, for the industry with the overarching goal to provide valuable, industry-relevant, business building, actionable content.

We know that behind every passionate restaurateur is a story worth telling. We focus on branding through storytelling, inviting readers to explore and learn about the F&B industry and (hoping to) convert them to food lovers through impactful storytelling.

What sort of content do you publish, and how often?
We publish all sorts of content related to food and drinks, which includes, but is not limited to these pillar contents:

1. Feature: in-depth interviews and stories, with the behind the scene stories of restaurants, bars or brands
2. Industry news (launches, openings, new appointments, etc.)
3. Recipe contributions by chefs and bartenders
4. Women in F&B
5. Listicles
6. Topical issues related to the industry such as mental health to no-shows

Weekly articles on our website and consistent social media postings.

Who is Set The Tables’s target audience?
Tastemakers, hospitality professionals, best-in-class operators, professionals, food lovers, people who care about food and drinks across key Asia cities.

What is Set The Tables’s editorial focus for 2023?
Every city faces a labour shortage, and we hope to help our F&B businesses by bringing food lovers together and making a positive change in the industry. We want to highlight people in the industry - from sous chefs to service staff to bartenders to cookbook writers - in order to connect people and engage in meaningful actions to improve the industry we love so much.

What topics does your team cover that people might not be aware of?
Women in F&B, mental wellness, giving the industry a platform to tell us about their side of the story.

How can PRs work with Set The Tables?
We welcome all food and drinks related pitches from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Hong Kong (and Australia, occasionally, especially on women in F&B, we welcome stories from all regions). Thank you to all the PR agencies that have supported us thus far and here's to many more collaborations! Email us.

We are also on the lookout for contributors from the industry.

What makes a pitch stand out?
We value pitches that give an insider view to the food and drinks world, and access to interviewing people who are contributing to the industry. If it’s a launch of a product, or branding-driven campaign, we appreciate it if we can include a short interview with the founder or key stakeholders.

Any editorial deadlines to be aware of?
We are very flexible, keep them coming!

Answers submitted by Theri Burhan, Founder and Editor of Set the Tables.

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