Publication Profile: Style News

Publication Profile: Style News

By Chloe Arentz

Answers submitted by Sandra Iskander, Founder / Editor-in-Chief.
How did Style News come to fruition?
I started Style News during the first lockdown in Paris when the publishing house I was working for shut down temporarily. I was the Editor-in-Chief of four lifestyle magazines published with travellers in mind, and with the lockdown and border closures, it didn't make sense to continue printing. While waiting for everything to get back to normal, we were all sent home.

With long and endless lockdowns, I decided to start Style News. Initially, it was not meant to be a public domain, but it was a way for me to add to my skill set while waiting to get back to the office and fine-tune my digital skills. It was also created out of frustration of not writing and creating content - something I was used to constantly doing, sharing new things with my readers.

When the publishing house decided to permanently close the offices in Paris for lack of positive visibility in the travel and lifestyle industry, I decided to launch Style News and made it a public rendezvous for all readers. 

What skills or knowledge have you gained from your time in the magazine industry in Paris?
Working in Paris for 16 years taught me patience (the French take a lot more time with everything) and to appreciate the finer and smaller things in life. The most wonderful thing about Paris is its abundance of everything: museums, cafés, restaurants, hotels, spas, boutiques, and Fashion Week (it felt like it was PFW every week). There is something new popping up almost every day, but I never became blasé about any of it. 

Even after 16 years, I was always in awe of everything new I was seeing. Whether I was scouting for new locations for photo shoots or looking for the new cocktail bar that was serving up the best martini, I was always interested in knowing and seeing more. I believe the more curious you are, the more you have to offer your readers.

I want to see and try everything, giving my readers a wonderland of things to discover - from the new hotel for a relaxing staycation or getaway to the best lipstick that won't disappear with every sip of wine. 

I love that I am now playing tourist in my home city of Melbourne, discovering what makes it such a special place and sharing it with my readers. Being away for so long has afforded me a renewed appreciation for Melbourne and I feel as though I am seeing it through new eyes. 

Australians love Paris and the French love Australia, and it is such a joy to share the best of both worlds with both readers and beyond. It is always a proud moment when the French, particularly Parisians, discover new things in Paris through Style News, and when Melburnians and Australians find new things to do in Melbourne through the site as well.

What are Style News' main areas of interest?
Style News covers everything from fashion and beauty trends to travel, spas, hotels, and cultural events, as well as restaurants and bars. It aims to inspire readers while guiding them through new trends and things to do and see everywhere in and from Melbourne to Paris.

How can people subscribe to Style News?
Anyone can subscribe to Style News for free, directly on the site. They will get an email when new features are posted and receive the Style News Newsletter, delivering style straight to their inbox and putting everything new at their fingertips.

Do you have any advice for PRs wanting to work with you? When and how should brands get in touch?
The more concise a press release is, the better. It is always so much more convenient when a link to the imagery is included so I have all the information needed when I am working, which isn't always within traditional working hours.

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