Publication Profile: Uchify

Publication Profile: Uchify

1. Tell us more about Uchify. What does it aim to achieve, and what makes your publication different from others in the home and living industry?
“Uchi” is a chameleon of a word that signifies “house”; and “in-group”, signifying a tight-knit community that celebrates common interests. Uchify embodies this double meaning, aiming to be an insider home and living community which helps Singaporeans rediscover the relationship with their home / space.

Unlike others in the property and home and living market, we focus on the home-building process. This means we cover everything from interior design and renovation advice, to living optimally in a small space. Uchify aims to inspire and empower readers to create their dream homes and help homeowners make smarter decisions when faced with a mountain of information.

2. What sort of content do you publish, and what are the different series your team is working on?
Uchify publishes a wide range of home and living content, with a focus on new openings and launches, home features, product reviews, inspirational stories and useful guides.

Some of our content series include:

Featured Homes / Small Space Living: We feature homes that are eye-catching, uniquely themed, celebrity-fronted or make the best use of a small space.

Product Reviews: We go into the nitty gritty of home-buying decisions and give insider advice on the pros and cons of each option (This vs That). We ask real homeowners for their best buys and recommendations, along with honest scoring (Singaporeans Score).

Property / lifestyle news: In this pillar, we cover new exciting property launches (e.g. Condo, BTO news) as well as new home and living shop openings / sales.

Guides: Our guides are high-utility resources that will distil all there is to know about different property and design topics.

Perspectives: We share longer-form stories of what it's like living in Singapore.

3. Who is Uchify’s target audience?
The target audience of Uchify is homeowners, renters, and anyone interested in enhancing their home and living experience. We specifically craft our content to resonate with Singapore’s majority: middle-class Singaporean homeowners looking to make the most out of their spaces.

4. What kind of image do you want your readers to have of Uchify?
We want readers to see Uchify as sincere and down-to-earth, helping the average, middle-class Singaporean homeowner rediscover what home means to them, as well as give them "real" reviews of home-related products and services.

5. What key trends or sectors are you following at the moment?
While we keep tabs on the home and living sector in general, we are especially following the rise of compact living and renting as an option, especially as houses become smaller and younger people are more inclined to move out earlier.

Another trend we have noticed is the yearning for real, authentic reviews for products or renovation-related services, which is what Uchify plans to do more of.

6. Are there any exciting plans in 2023 that readers can anticipate?
We’re definitely looking into more strategic brand and interior design collaborations to bring readers more high-value content pieces.

Also, with some viral stories under our belt, we are looking to expand our TikTok and Telegram presence to provide the Gen Z and mobile audiences relevant home and living content as well.

7. Are there any PR pitches you’d like to receive more or less of? How can PRs work with Uchify?
We welcome pitches on:

- Homeware / furniture store launches or new collections
- High-profile homes or uniquely-themed makeovers by interior design firms
- Celebrity / influencer homes
- Product launches or product loan opportunities (e.g. appliances, home decor, services)
- Human / personality stories (e.g. renovation, renting, house-hunting stories)
- Popular condo or property launches

Answers submitted by Uchify’s editorial team.

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