Publication Profile: VINE & BUBBLE

Publication Profile: VINE & BUBBLE
Chloe Arentz

Tell us about VINE & BUBBLE. What sort of content do you publish, and how often?
VINE & BUBBLE is dedicated exclusively to champagne (no other sparkling wine) so it’s unique in the world of drinks publications. The title really goes to the heart and soul of what I’m passionate about - telling the real story of champagne. I never want the content to look as though it’s driven by marketing, because it’s not. What I produce reveals the story, the people and the places behind champagne’s luxe appeal.
Who is reading the magazine?
Wine lovers with a particular interest in champagne. They usually have a high wine IQ and many have visited the Champagne region at some point, so they are total devotees. Readers also want to be taken on a journey of discovery; they’re looking for something new or interesting they haven’t heard of. I try to deliver content that cannot be found anywhere else.

Where can readers find the magazine?
All over Australia and in parts of Asia but also online. I have a distributor who ensures the magazine gets into around 34 booksellers and news agencies. Internationally, you can find it at specialist magazine stores in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan. I have a large subscription base, mostly in Australia, but increasingly in Europe and the United States.

Who makes up VINE & BUBBLE's editorial team?
I wish I had a team! Really, it’s me for the cut and thrust. I’m the Publisher and Editor, but I also work with a network of writers and subject-matter experts as well as creative people that I use on a contractual and as-needed basis.

What role do you hope the publication plays in the wine industry?
VINE & BUBBLE is unique in the landscape of drinks publications. There’s nothing like it in digital or print format. Australian publications typically represent Aussie wine and just a small offering of international wines to satisfy the more adventurous. VINE & BUBBLE is champagne only so it appeals to a more discerning and specific reader.

It also engages more broadly with the wine industry as contributors - bringing together a network of Australia’s leading sommeliers, writers, industry representatives and educators - rather than only wine commentators and critics.

How can media professionals and PRs work with VINE & BUBBLE? 
I love working in collaborative-style arrangements where everyone gets something out of an opportunity. I’m very much about giving as much as I can and like to work with others who share the same approach. I need to taste a lot of champagne and diversity is key. If PR professionals have new release champagnes, I always welcome sample bottles to be sent, and they will nearly always find a place in VINE & BUBBLE as well as on its social media channels.

Information is also key, whether it’s an initiative, new champagne or VIP visit, I need to keep my ear to the ground. Also, opportunities to collaborate on events are something that I welcome. I have a solid and growing following in most states now. They are typically curious and want to experience a more meaningful champagne journey, so there’s an opportunity to engage with them.

Answers submitted by Sara Underdown, Publisher / Editor.

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