Special Feature: Metaverse in media coverage

Special Feature: Metaverse in media coverage

NFTs, metaverse, and Web3.0 are permeating industries globally from art to fashion and real estate. Many believe they have triggered a fresh wave of digital disruptions that can transform how corporates engage with their audience.

In the media industry, not only are outlets writing about the topics extensively, some of them have also made a foray into the space themselves, creating immersive experience for their readers and producing digital collectables.

In this week’s Mainland China alert, the Telum team spoke to journalists from top Mainland Chinese publications covering the space to learn about their editorial focus.
Media Organisation Journalist What catches their attention?
Odaily Hao Fangzhou, Editor-in-Chief The evolving NFT marketplace, data analysis, immersive gaming developers and new metaverse ecosystems such as HoYoverse (miHoYo)
YiMagazine Jiang Ruijie, Reporter Web 3.0, cryptocurrencies and decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO); applications of DAO in key sectors such as technology, culture and logistics 
Huxiu.com Zhou Zhou, Editor NFTs in sports and online economies 
TechNode Chinese Zheng Huimin, Reporter Digital collectables, virtual avatars, social gaming
Art Business "Digital Beyond" Yue Yan, Person-in-Charge Impact of NFTs and metaverse on the art industry
PLACEMAKING Huang Di, Co-Founder Virtual cities, virtual marketplace and lifestyle 
Auto Business Review Liu Baohua, Editor-in-Chief, Technological breakthroughs that can revolutionalise the auto industry; the impact of geopolitics in the development of metaverse and NFTs; upcoming unified standards or ecosystems
Lanxiong Sports Zheng Haorong, Vice President, Virtual sports arena, gaming and the metaverse, fandom culture, decentralised fan clubs

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