Study highlight: PRCA's annual perspectives into the metaverse

Study highlight: PRCA's annual perspectives into the metaverse

To encourage conversation around opportunities and risks posed by emerging platforms and technologies, the PRCA Global Ethics Council has published its annual insight with a focus on the metaverse, NFTs, AI, and other new technology.

Key points from Asia Pacific-based leaders:
  • Accountability should rule. With the opportunities presented by emerging tech, it's easy to be blinded by hype. The Hoffman Agency's Caroline Hsu recommends asking tough questions, selecting clients and reassessing the client-agency relationship so that communicators hold both themselves and clients accountable. 
  • Continuous education should be a priority. To work with clients that are prepared to or already engage with the metaverse, "we need to be Metaverse confident, and fast," says Archetype’s Lee Nugent. In keeping up to date, communicators are simultaneously keeping clients “informed, educated, and accountable".
  • Data protection should be at the forefront, especially with slow to update regulations and concerns of user privacy misuse, deepfakes, misinformation, and cyber-attacks. Lars Voedisch from PRecious Communications advises “balancing creative and strategic direction with sustainable data governance and compliance practices”.
  • Stick to the basics. The industry must adapt alongside the evolving tech landscape but ultimately, fundamentals remain. “The Metaverse will change how we interact with technology,” says Sandpiper Communications' Emma Smith, “but the fundamentals for communicators will be the same – stay true to the principles and values of your brand and organisation”.
Read the full report on the PRCA website.

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