Sukanz, a sports portal by Amanz Media

Sukanz, a sports portal by Amanz Media

Amanz Media has launched a sports portal called Sukanz. Sukanz predominantly covers all the ins and outs of the local and international sports industry, from football, MotoGP, hockey, Formula 1, badminton to track and field for Malaysian sports enthusiasts.

Shahrir Bahar who was previously the Co-Founder / Chief Executive Officer of Semuanya BOLA, is now spearheading Sukanz as the Lead Strategist. He is responsible for the content direction and leading editorial team of the sports online portal. Joining Shahrir is a former FOX Sports Asia's Journalist, Hafizuddin Omar as a Writer and Afiq Shari as a Social Media Specialist, who used to bring in more than two million engagements per month for Semuanya BOLA prior to his new role.

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