Telum Media Webinar - Media Careers: What it means to be a journalist in 2021?

The media has changed tremendously over the past decade with the progression on digital space, usage of social media, and diversifying different streams of content for consumers. What it means to be a journalist in 2021 is a question that is often asked now.

Telum Media spoke to Cheow Sue-Ann, Journalist of The Straits Times, Jessica Lai, Group Strategist of The Smart Local and Mike Tang, Assistant Lead, Talent Acquisition of Mediacorp on a webinar held on 24th March 2021 to discuss the role of a journalist in the current times.

The key highlights include discussion on the life of the modern day journalist, the current media jobs market, skillsets sought after by media companies and the misconceptions on the role of journalists.
  • Jessica shared that as a journalist, besides being fast and accurate, one also has to think about separate new angles and frames to distinguished stories.
  • As newsrooms get a lot of invites and press releases everyday, Sue-Ann explained how media and communications professionals can work together - “It always helps when stories come with pictures. At the same time, it’s also about communication - we need to know the people that we are talking to.”
  • “Apart from writing and producing content, digital skillsets like video editing skills are important to become a journalist” says Mike, as the job scopes for future journalists continue to evolve.

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