Telum Media Webinar Recap: Reuters Breakingviews

Predictions used to be straightforward, however with geopolitical issues and monetary policies on the plate, what businesses have to think about has changed - where is the next big worry coming from? 

Telum Media chatted with Una Galani, Asia Editor of Reuters Breakingviews, and here are the key takeaways in their Predictions 2023 report: 

- The most significant predictions are financial conditions and supply chains issues, especially how they are shifting across Asia with countries weaponising and disrupting supply chains. 
- The focus for the rest of the year is on climate change, electric vehicles, and sustainability. More focus is on global water-related goals and targets with The UN 2023 Water Conference happening from 22nd to 24th March 2023. 
- Regarding predictions, it was mentioned that they have to be looked at holistically, and be prepared for a level of uncertainty and plan the scenarios in advanced. 
- For reporters and Public Relation practitioners collaborating with Reuters, they are always on the lookout to bring in C-Suite speakers. A large part of their content is thought-leadership style discussions. 
- In terms of guest columns, Reuters would prefer to hear the idea in principal first, before putting it into writing, as it will be more flexible to turn it into a view that resonates with their readers who are financial leaders, banks, and financial institutions. 
- Some tips on writing a good financial commentary: 
  • Main point is to give a clear takeaway that is backed by facts, such as rolling out test ideas from informed sources, supported by statistics and calculations.
  • The content should put the numbers into context without drowning the readers with numbers.
  • Focus on the core audience who are financial professionals and give them a mix of values that they can take away from the story. 

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