[Telum News Watch] Nightlife in Singapore

By Sam Jo Yeo

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Nightlife in Singapore is bouncing back after two quiet years, with bars, clubs and karaoke lounges reopening to packed crowds. We spoke to Anjali Raguraman, Consumer Correspondent at The Straits Times about the latest buzz.

Some highlights include:​​​​​​
  • Nightlife is pretty much back in full swing with the easing of pandemic restrictions. (0:36)
  • Businesses have done a good job of welcoming people back into clubs, bars and karaoke lounges. But the manpower crunch remains, as does the rule of keeping masks on on the dance floor. (2:06)
  • The return of concerts and festivals like ZoukOut and F1 signals that Singapore is serious about reopening. (3:49)
  • "From the chickens the clubs": Under her consumer beat, Anjali covers anything from retail and F&B to tourism and nightlife. (4:42)

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