[Telum News Watch] Return of the Travel Bug

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As border restrictions ease around the world, more people are vacationing again. We spoke to Lee Siew Hua, Travel Editor at The Straits Times, about the return of the travel bug.

Some highlights include:
  • More people are into "no regrets travel" now, drawing up their bucket lists to make up for lost time during the pandemic. (2:02)
  • Antarctica is at the top of Siew Hua's revisit list, and she is also considering a road trip across North America. (2:50)
  • First Flight Out is a new weekly series of travel guides and videos by ST's network of foreign correspondents. They have paired this with an online tool where readers can check out the COVID-19 rules at their holiday destination. (3:50)
  • ST tends to cover a mix of destination stories infused with travel hacks and tips and itineraries. A new column about travel news, deals and people is also in the works. (5:24)
  • ST likes to do exclusives - trips that can be customised with the host, whether it is an airline, hotel or travel agency. (6:10)
  • Siew Hua is open to pitches about fun concepts such as "solo moons" and "gramping", but she usually has to rope in other travel players for a fuller, more credible story. (6:25)

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