Telum Talks To… Alice So, Senior Reporter, Asian Private Banker

Telum Talks To… Alice So, Senior Reporter, Asian Private Banker

Senior Reporter to Asian Private Banker, Alice So, talks about her currently job role, the key to becoming a media person and tips for PRs pitching.

How did your career in journalism begin?
I was studying in a local journalism school for my undergraduate degree. It naturally led me to my career as a journalist. I worked at Ming Pao investment page before joining Asian Private Banker

Tell us more about your role at Asian Private Banker and describe to us how you decide what content to create as a Senior Reporter.
I began as a reporter focused on the regulatory space when I first joined Asian Private Banker. Then I slowly expanded my reporting scope from regulations to different fields related to private banking, such as fintech developments and investments trends. We have wide discretion on what we would like to cover as reporters in Asian Private Banker, and the flexibility allows me to look at the industry more holistically. 

What makes great content?
Great stories have to be relevant to the readers, conveying new insights with a unique angle of reporting. When generating story ideas, I try to step into the shoes of our readers and searching for new topics that they might be interested, be it industry trends or regulatory changes. Constantly meeting different stakeholders in the industry also helped me to keep updated with the latest industry trends. Occasionally, these meetings and relationships are rewarded with exclusive breaking news.

What do you love most about covering the private banking industry?
While private banking industry can seem foreign and of little relevance for most of us as individuals, Hong Kong is one of the largest wealth management centres in the world and the private banking industry is important in a sense that the clients are the rich and powerful who can make a substantial impact to the world. By covering the private banking industry, you will have a sneak peek on how financial services are made to these influential figures and how different governments balance rules and incentives by regulations to attract the assets of these world leaders.

Considering your experiences in the PR industry, what do you think makes a good pitch?
For me as a reporter in an industry publication, it would be important to draw the relevance of the story you pitch to the industry I cover, which would be the private wealth management industry. Representatives from private banks or wealth managers, spokespersons with cases to share dealing with private banks or private clients would usually make good interviewees.

Best way to contact you?
I'm pretty responsive to emails and WhatsApp or calls would be fine for people who have my contact.

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