Telum Talks To...Amira Georgy, Digital Food Director of

Telum Talks To...Amira Georgy, Digital Food Director of

What does a day in your life look like as Digital Food Director? 
I wear two hats as Digital Food Director - a recipe development hat and a subbing hat - and I interchange them several times throughout the day. This means I could be whipping up a decadent lemon meringue pie one minute, and editing a contributor's recipe for a one-pot chicken curry the next. Plus, there's brainstorming for commercial campaigns, filming videos for and Australia's Best Recipes, testing and filming quirky gadgets, and coming up with new food hacks for the cooks at home. 

Are you a sweet or savoury person?
Definitely savoury. I'll take a block of cheese over a block of chocolate cake any day!

Do you have a favourite recipe to make that you've copied from your website?
My go-to recipe for something that's quick, easy, and I know my kids will love, is this Mongolian Chicken. I serve it on either noodles or steamed rice and it always gets gobbled down (pardon the pun!). It's the perfect midweek meal.

What has been your favourite story / project you or the team has worked on in 2022?
I had three days to develop and shoot three recipe videos. The videos were launched over several social media channels and the end result was more than two million views.

Are there any editorial projects you and the team are looking forward to in 2023?
The success of our video content continues to grow, especially on social media. One of the focuses for 2023 is to keep this momentum going and create even more content that continues to engage with our audience. 

Does the team work with PRs regularly? If so, how can PRs make their pitches tastier?
We get so many pitches a day, so PR messaging really needs to have a point of difference. They also need to know who they are sending info to and whether the info is actually relevant to our audience. If they're promoting a new product, be sure to send through samples in order to test products effectively. Lastly, keep it short and to the point.

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