Telum Talks To... Arnold Gay and Yasmin Jonkers, Presenters, Asia First, CNA938
Haikel Fahim

We caught up with Arnold and Yasmin who shared how they keep their radio show going, while practising safe distancing measures and the types of stories they are looking to share on their morning show.

Key takeaways:
  • CNA938 has implemented safe distancing measures to reduce the risk of exposure and transmissions. While Arnold is in the studios, Yasmin is working from home.

    Yasmin: "What I've discovered is that we've got some really good mean equipment at CNA. The box that I've got is so stable in terms of a broadcast equipment, it's the kind you bring out to the war zones. This thing will just make you sound crystal clear back into the studio and there haven't been any problems."
  • On interviewing guests online and over the phone, Yasmin and Arnold agreed that they do lose some of the important verbal cues but they are able to minimise the impact by listening more closely.

    Yasmin: "Sometimes we may come off as a little bit rude, talking over each other, but it's dynamic. Radio really is an organic kind of medium, it doesn't have to be so terribly polished. But I really do miss the interaction with Arnold because we have our own way of communicating - we have our own little cues and I feed off that energy - we're missing that a little bit."

    Arnold: "Because we've actually had one year working together I think I can pick up on certain cues. And I think that given the familiarity with each other I think we generally tend to, I suppose escape if you like or deal with it and it allows us to proceed with a relatively smooth interview most of the time."
  • Arnold and Yasmin are also looking to cover more positive stories with a happier angle and think that PR practitioners can help with that when pitching to them and their producers.

    Arnold: “Right now, is about how we're dealing with a circuit breaker for example. So when it comes to maybe telling us a story or selling us an idea,  it really relates to the situation right now. I'm someone who's working from home -  what do you have that helps me  deal with the situation. I have relationship issues - what can you bring to the table for example that will help me deal with this current period while I'm working from home.  So if you can bring something like that to the table and help us understand how people can relate to it people can benefit from it, then I think we'll be very very receptive.
  • The rise in listenership numbers has given Arnold and Yasmin the encouragement to keep going and make their listeners happy.  

    Yasmin: "I think this is a win for radio overall because for the longest time how many times have you heard this 'video killed the radio star?'. Look who's standing we're still here. With more than 20 years of experience under both of our belts, it's still going strong."

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