Telum Talks To... Bao Jianguang, Founder / Editor-in-Chief, The Latest IPO

Telum Talks To... Bao Jianguang, Founder / Editor-in-Chief, The Latest IPO

It has been a few years since the launch of The Latest IPO, an online media platform focusing on IPO news. Telum Media recently caught up with its Founder / Editor-in-Chief, Bao Jianguang, who revealed the platform’s latest editorial developments.

Below are the key takeaways from the interview: 
  1. The Latest IPO focuses on corporate stories and executive profiles, with a lot of its readers coming from the investment community.
  2. Several new sections have been launched to cover companies in different stages of growth to create diversity of the content and identify potential opportunities for the financial market. In fact, some companies have managed to secure funding or interests from investors after being featured on the platform.
  3. The editorial desk welcomes story pitches via WeChat ID: Unclec2020
  4. The new sections include: 
  • Caijingtuya (财经涂鸦): It focuses on market intelligence on high-growth start-ups and listed companies. 
  • Yuanqicapital (元气资本): It offers in-depth analysis on the capital market. 
  • Suchbright (明亮公司): It covers new businesses and companies. 
  • Xiangshang Video (向上视频): It is a mini-documentary brand that features company founders and investors.  

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