Telum Talks To... Bernice Sibucao, Head of Digital Video and Audio, GMA News and Public Affairs

Telum Talks To... Bernice Sibucao, Head of Digital Video and Audio, GMA News and Public Affairs

By George Putong

Bernice Sibucao has been with GMA Network for the past ten years. She is currently leading a team that is responsible for developing content on emerging platforms.

2021 saw your team launch new content. Tell us about your team’s vision?
For 2022, the Digital Video and Audio Lab plans to create more content that aims to educate, update, and entertain our audiences, whether by traditional modes like Facebook or YouTube… or by using emerging platforms like TikTok, as well as podcasts.

What are your best tips when it comes to reporting news through videos, podcasts, or other new media platforms?
It’s important to know your audience’s consumption behaviour per platform, so you can tailor your treatment and message accordingly. For example, Facebook users often don’t watch video with audio. With that insight, we created snackable videos with text (such as GMA News Feed) so they’ll know what the story is about even without turning on the volume.

Tell us about upcoming initiatives that we should be on the lookout for?
We are planning on producing more podcasts and exploratory projects that cater to Gen Z.

How can PRs work with your team? What topics are you most interested in?
We welcome story leads for our sci-tech series, Next Now. We also welcome story leads for our good vibes programme, Make Your Day.

What do you personally hope to achieve as a media professional?
So far, my goals are focused on my team. I want to further strengthen them by widening their skill sets and perspectives, so they can be versatile in content production.

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