Telum Talks To... Bevan Jones, Host / Producer, Legends with Bevo

Telum Talks To... Bevan Jones, Host / Producer, Legends with Bevo

Tell us about Legends with Bevo. What do you explore in each episode, and why did you decide to launch the podcast?
Everyone has a story and anyone can be a "legend", and Legends with Bevo is a light-hearted, yet personal, chat with past and present sports people, entertainment icons and those doing great things in the community.

I (Bevo) ask the tough questions as I delve into the private lives of some of the biggest names in Australian sport and entertainment, whilst having a laugh at the same time.

It originally started as "Chewing the Fat" in April 2018. It was basically myself and a personality having an on-camera chat about their individual lives and a bit of banter at the end when we gave our AFL tips for that week. There’s no longer any footy tips but instead it’s a mini "This is Your Life", being rebranded to Legends with Bevo in December 2019.

Before hosting Legends with Bevo, you were a breakfast radio host for many years. What skills did you bring from radioland into the world of podcasting?
The skills that I bring from radioland into the world of podcasting include:
  • Interviewing skills both face-to-face and over the phone and the ability to ask open-ended questions. I also have developed excellent research and communication skills.
  • On-air presentation skills and the ability to host a live show which I occasionally do with Legends with Bevo, when I do live interviews in front of a live audience
  • Time management skills. I had to be very organised as a radio host by not only doing my preparation for the show, but about the guests I was chatting to and having contingency plans in place if guests pulled out. Similarly, with Legends, I host, produce and do the social media for the vidcast / podcast so my time management skills have become very handy and important.
  • Producing skills. I have developed a big contacts list with the ability and confidence to chase down the big names.
You discuss former and current athletes. Why do you think it's important to recognise athletes, past and present, in your show?
I think it’s really important to acknowledge the amazing achievements of past and present athletes on the show and particularly those that have, or are, doing incredible things, but don’t get the credit and recognition that they deserve

The perfect example is athletes with a disability, of which I have interviewed quite a few. Their story of resilience and determination is amazing, and so I love sharing it with the world.

How has the pandemic impacted the world of Australian sports?
The pandemic has seen a number of sports being cancelled and postponed this year, none bigger than the Tokyo Olympics. Whilst there has no doubt been challenges for the athletes, we have seen some extraordinary examples of resilience, courage and determination this year. In Australia, we have seen the AFL, NRL, A-League and National Netball League complete their seasons whilst dealing with hub situations and time away with loved ones. I love the way that the whole sporting community has got together and helped each other this year. It has been first class.

On a positive note, Legends with Bevo has taken a giant step forward this year through Zoom. I have been able to chat with more past and present athletes from interstate with the pandemic through this medium, as they have had more time and flexibility.

Do you have a favourite interview from your years in the industry?
Speaking of the advantages of Zoom, I recently chatted on Zoom to the great Dennis Cometti from his house in Perth and I’d have to say this was my favourite interview.

Dennis has had a stellar career in radio announcing and sports commentating, and told some great stories during our chat. I also learnt that despite all his success, he is a very humble man.

As a sports lover and commentator myself, I have always looked up to Dennis and I rate Dennis alongside Richie Benaud and Bruce McAvaney as my favourite commentators of all time.

What top tips do you have for anyone wanting to create a podcast?
  • Be prepared and do your research on the guest that you are interviewing. There is nothing worse than an underprepared host and it is so unprofessional.
  • Be resilient. Life gets busy and it’s easy to give up when things don’t work out. There have been times when I have thought about giving up. But it is so worth it to keep pushing through when you get to talk with so many amazing people, and hopefully the sponsors and dollars will come if you keep persisting.
  • Don’t be afraid of rejection. Whilst I have had some incredible guests on the show, I have had a lot of rejections and people not getting back to me which can be disheartening at times but you have to stay strong and persistent and not take it personally.

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