Telum Talks To... Boy Kelana Soebroto, Chairman of PERHUMAS and Head of Corporate Communications at Astra

Telum Talks To... Boy Kelana Soebroto, Chairman of PERHUMAS and Head of Corporate Communications at Astra

We spoke to Boy Kelana Soebroto, newly-appointed Chairman of PERHUMAS on his plan for the organisation, the 2022 trends in PR and why it's important for PRs to be active in an organisation.

Congratulations on being elected as Chairman 2021 - 2024 of PERHUMAS! With this, what will you bring to the table?
Internal solidity and collaborations. Those are the two spirits, as our key focus to achieve PERHUMAS’ vision and mission.

PERHUMAS’ new vision, as mentioned in our organisational direction, is to become a barometer and integrator in organisational learning based on integrity, competence, upholding ethics and independence, for the image and reputation of Indonesia.

To achieve the vision, there are three missions that we underlined. Firstly, PERHUMAS as a home and learning centre for all PR practitioners, secondly, to develop PR competencies so all PR practitioners are able to contribute in all sectors, and finally, all PR practitioners to actively promote #IndonesiaBicaraBaik or tell stories about Indonesia in a good way and induce Anti-Hoax.

Therefore, I invite all PR gurus, PR practitioners, PR associations, PR communities and groups, and media in Asia Pacific to collaborate and work together with PERHUMAS. We are open to being your partner in research, competency development, and other possible partnership models. PERHUMAS will be more proactive globally.

Why do you think it's important for PR professionals to be active in an organisation?
As we all know, for the last two years, COVID-19 has changed everything including business, life, the way we communicate, and how we choose the right message and communication channel for people we target. This situation makes PR professionals face more uncertainty and challenges, with some additional pressure.

Thus, PR professionals should be required to develop PR planning, campaigns, measurement and evaluation of communications, manage crisis, and build social capital. By being active in an organisation like PERHUMAS, PR professionals can get many references to support their achievement in the organisation, so they can be more:
  • Agile, flexible and adaptable
  • Understanding of the new rules of engagement
  • Able to use PR applications
  • Able to amplify activities through social media
  • Able to analyse sentiment on global and local issues
  • Able to utilise storytelling
  • Understanding of social listening
  • Adaptable to remote work
  • Able to apply new approaches / new cultures
You have been with an agency for almost a decade prior to being an in-house communicator. Which side you like the most and why?
Both sides have their own challenges and uniqueness. On the agency side, we have the opportunity to handle various brands with different backgrounds and focuses. Understanding the importance of each brand is a must. While as an in-house communicator we have a wider and in-depth dive into every aspect of the company / group.

As an example, I have been with Astra for the last 13 years, a company with 241 subsidiaries from seven lines of businesses and more than 180,000 employees, engaging more than 16,000 communities nation-wide. This is totally different from what I have experienced during my agency life. Internal solidity and collaboration is key to having a comprehensive communications output. Continuous learning is part of the journey to induce creativity and continuous improvement in all aspects.  

Can you share with us the 2022 trends communicators in Indonesia should look out for?
In reference to PERHUMAS National Convention in December 2021, PR trends in Indonesia to look out for in 2022 are: 
  1. Utilising research and data: Indonesian Public Relations use a new paradigm in applying to understand, such as understanding research, data, and analytics in any situation. 
  2. Building synergy and collaboration: Indonesian Public Relations maximise collaboration opportunities by understanding stakeholders’ needs in order to build synergies to develop a Public Relations image, to achieve targets and remain relevant according to the times.
  3. Developing effective communications strategies: Indonesian Public Relations need to develop strategies based on corporate objectives (strategic planning, campaign, crisis management and monitoring and evaluation of communications) to be innovative and creative.
  4. Understanding tech literacy: Indonesian Public Relations must have a proactive mindset by maximising digital transformation and being able to adapt to rapid technological advances, be innovative, and work collaboratively with stakeholders.
  5. Developing professional capacity: Obtain professional certifications and accreditations.
  6. Developing creative and innovative solutions to support organisational objectives: Narratively, Public Relations in Indonesia must be optimistic, positive and resilient.
This year PERHUMAS will celebrate its 50th anniversary. What is the next step for PERHUMAS?
By the end of 2022, PERHUMAS will celebrate its 50th anniversary. As the eldest PR organisation in Indonesia, PERHUMAS will continue its spirit as the integrator of all PR organisations in Indonesia and work together with them. This collaborative spirit is not only applicable nationally, but also globally. PERHUMAS aimed to be perceived as a young, agile, adaptable, passionate, and professional organisation in giving its best contribution to companies, the government, organisations, the nation, and the world.

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