Telum Talks To...Brady Halls, Reporter at A Current Affair

Telum Talks To...Brady Halls, Reporter at A Current Affair

By Kristy Nguyen

What does a typical day as a Reporter at A Current Affair look like?
After 45 years of reporting, no two days are the same. News and current affairs are spur of the moment, so the phone rings, and I'm off.

It's a hard career to plan anything, given the nature of the business. A typical day includes filming a story with numerous talents, and then writing a script to the pictures and sounds we have captured. It airs soon after.

How did you get your start in the journalism industry?
I started as a mail boy in 1977 at Radio 2CH in Sydney. A short time later, I was a Panel Operator playing the music and commercials, and after a few months, I was promoted into the newsroom to start my career as a Cadet Journalist. In the early '80s, I went into television journalism starting at Channel 10 in Sydney, and by 1990 I was at Nine, where I end my career 33 years later.

Nine has kept me busy with Wide World of Sports, Sydney Extra, The Sex Series (mum didn't like me working on that one), The Today Show, News, The Midday Show, and A Current Affair. 

How have you seen A Current Affair evolve since you first began with the programme?
A Current Affair is where I have worked most. The show is a constant and one of the longest-running. The format has changed little over the decades, and our viewers know what they get as we highlight injustices, and help people who have been ripped off by others, or the system. The show covers many topics, whether it be entertainment, politics, or consumer affairs.

What advice would you give to PRs hoping to reach out?
One source for story ideas is from PR companies. I am still amazed at the pitches we get daily for stories that are just not the format of our show.

If I could humbly give some advice to anyone selling a story idea: know your market. Is it an ACA story, or are you pitching to chalk up another media outlet you sent it to? Watch our show. Know what we are about, and style your pitch to our format. If it doesn't suit us, don't waste your hard work in sending it. Being prime time and national, we must have an exclusive.

You'll be retiring in July after 35 years at Nine - what's the first thing you look forward to doing after finishing up?
After all these decades of early starts and late finishes, and being on stand-by on weekends, I'm looking forward to resting with "me time", family time, and travel.

It's been a wonderful career. I have been truly blessed, and leave with a big smile on my face.

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